Irvinghall School envisions a balanced, liberal, comprehensively educated and God-fearing individual that when leaving the school, is well-equipped with a wide range of knowledge and interests thus enriching life and the community where he/she will live and work.



Irvinghall School functions as an educational institution providing quality education, as well as an appreciation and understanding of the values in life. The school assumes the obligations of integrating values and academics in all the activities that the child encounters.

The school develops the social, moral, spiritual and physical aspects of the child as well as the intellectual and aesthetic. It is the obligation of the school to provide an atmosphere that causes each to feel valued and loved, and where the child is encouraged to develop his/her talents to a high level.

At IS, we recognize that the school shares the teaching and nurturing responsibility with the home and with the community. Thus it makes every effort to work cooperatively with the parents, guardians, caregivers and the community.

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