Irvinghall School, Her Story


Irvinghall School, Her Story


Large logoEach school has her own history. Each one school unique, each bearing the foundational hope and vision that all schools have as footstool.

Irvinghall School is like any of these schools but also different in many ways. Her story is one drawn by the Master Teacher in His canvas.

On March 31,2008 a school closed. The high school populace especially the Seniors, need not scramble for a new school. May 8, same year, two teachers who would be called the Irving Ladies got the approval of Deped NCR to open a new school in the same building where the school that closed was situated. A school did a phoenix. Irvinghall School was drawn in the story book of schools. Her story began.

First, the name, Irving from John, Edward, Sir Henry and Washington – all teachers, writers and artists in the real sense of the word. The founders, Ms. Solita A. Cruz and Mrs. Jennifer Vergara – Gill are these and more, artists and masters of the craft called teaching and caring for the learning process of our young. And why Irvinghall? A hall is the passage way where one enters to many rooms to explore the vast knowledge and myriad of learning wonders which God, in His infinite wisdom bestow upon us – to nurture, take care of, own and preserve. This is to be the I.S. vow.

This is the pledge Irvinghall School and Management vow to keep.

I.S. is a 3 – storey edifice situated on the corner of J.P. Rizal Street and F. Josef Street, Araneta Subdivision, Concepcion I Marikina City. The school has 24 rooms appropriately housing the Preschool, Grade School, and the High School Departments. All rooms are airconditioned and offices are spacious. I.S. maintains a regularly updated Computer Laboratory, Science Laboratory and Library. A service-oriented crew maintains a clean and sanitized canteen. A multi - purpose hall is an open door to students’ activities to explore and develop their abilities: theater, singing, dancing, indoor sports or simply fellowshipping – brothers and sisters in one ship furthering their bonds of friendship and brotherhood. The hall augurs well the balance of Mind, Body and Spirit.


In additon to the 3 – storey building, I.S. has a 403 sq. meter playground for outdoor sports and boot trainings. Our students are highly motivated young sportsmen. I.S. wants her young healthy, as they are wise. The school building and the men to take care of building characters and searching wisdom make up a real school.

The Management Team, the Founders and office employees, the Maintenance Staff stand by our Mentors - no work is so big or so small to matter more or mean less. “And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.” –Romans 8:28

I.S. integrates spiritual well being to her academics, sports and arts. I.S. believes that in the end, it is not only what we know but what the heart and spirit is that truly make a character ready for service to other people. I.S. aims at making each Irving a man for others because like David, an Irving is a man after God's own heart.

The mentoring lamp keeps burning. The lamp is now actually a bigger torch. It lights the halls of learning, the pathways to the many rooms of enlightened knowledge. Out of these halls shall go the Irvings - ready and set to make a mark; equipped to conquer themselves and the world with the Irvinghall brand of learning. Loving learning. Living learning. Serving best and serving well.

As I.S. journeys through the years – expectedly in plains, valleys and hills, the people behind I.S. cannot be daunted knowing fully well that it is God who built the foundation.

 The Home of the Irvings!