S.Y. 2010-2011

UN Room Decors
PS- GS 1,2,3 Fun Day 2
PS, GS, UN Month
PS Swimming
PS Spelling Bee
PS Enrichment Program
PS and Gr 1,2,3 Field Trip
Pistang Pinoy
Mentors in Batangas
JS Prom Photobooth
JS Prom
GS, HS UN Month
GS, HS Poster Making
GS Spelling Bee
GS 4,5,6 Fun Day 2
Grs. 4-5-6 & HS Field Trip
Fun Day 1
Fili Play
Fiery Dragons Winning Game 1
Fiery Dragons Game 2
Director's Day
Basketball Semi-Finals
Awarding of Winners Science an...
50th of JVG
1st Quarter Recognition

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